Reconnect With Your Creativity

Reconnect With Your Creativity
My son recently turned two and I have been reflecting on how much he has grown and how much has changed since he was born.    It is an amazing experience of looking back and thinking about all of the things I have learned from my son along the way.  The most important lesson my son taught me was to live life with wide-eyed curiosity and enthusiasm.  This month, I’m going to invite you to recharge your playfulness and personal energy levels.  Your assignment is to live life to the fullest by living life through the eyes of a child.
Have you ever spent time with young children? Have you ever really paid attention to them and watched them in their process of discovering the world? It is a truly amazing experience, watching them move through their emotions throughout the course of any given day. We can learn some pretty amazing things from watching children. I believe they can bestow upon adults a veritable PhD in the science of Living Life to the Fullest. 
Here are some ways to view the world through the eyes of a child this week:
1) There is nothing cooler than a handful of Cheerios. Pay attention to the wonders around us and find joy in the simple everyday things - for life is truly a miracle.
2) The world is one big jungle gym play set. Use your imagination and your creativity on a daily basis.

3) If it is within my grasp it’s either mine or worth striving for. If you can see your goal just ahead, don’t stop now, don’t get discouraged, don’t listen to those who will try to tell you otherwise - follow your own inner calling and go for it. Grab the brass ring on the merry go-round of life and aim as high as you want to.

Think back to a time in your life when you woke up thinking “life is good” and you had all of the energy you wanted to have.  How old were you when you truly enjoyed the new experience of every day?  You may not have to reach all the way back to your childhood and it would be good to know what you were doing when you had all of that energy and zest for life.  Reconnecting with yourself and your inner source of creativity can bring renewed energy to your everyday.
This week, I encourage you to make a personal inventory of times where you allowed yourself to be creative and playful and grab the brass ring of life.  Spend this week celebrating yourself and your creativity as a Woman and Mother in the world.

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