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Cheryl Marks Young

The Allergy Ninja® brand began as the name of a restaurant my son decided he'd like to open when he is older. He has 20 severe anaphylactic food allergies and he is tired of not being able to safely eat out in a restaurant. He also has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. His vision is that the restaurant staff will stop in between courses and do Tae Kwon Do demonstrations for the guests. Shortly after this discussion, the whole family enrolled in Tae Kwon Do classes together, so it became a family discussion.

Our daughter also has 12 severe anaphylactic food allergies. We all know that any anaphylactic reaction is severe. Having said that, we use the term “severe anaphylactic” because our children have reactions on a regular basis and we need to be on heightened alert at all times.


Creative Baker Turned Allergy Safe Recipe Developer

Since 2005, I have been creating recipes for allergy aware desserts and meals and sharing them with anyone in need. I used to be a creative baker and since our son was born, I turned my talents toward making allergy safe meals and special treats.

Then, a number of years ago we realized our son had a split lip that was not healing. We tried all kinds of name-brand lip balms. His lip was so bad, the doctor told us he would need stitches. He said we should come back in three months after using a well-known brand and see if our son still needed the stitches. The doctor was afraid to put them in too soon, but we had a serious, deep split to worry about.

Our daughter was also having dry skin issues and dry lips, but we did not make the right connection and kept using the well-known brand lip balms to no avail. Another week went by and I started to do some research on hidden ingredients. I discovered, to my dismay, the product included almond oil, dairy and wheat that were not yet required to be on the label.

I'd had enough, because all of those items were destroying my son’s lips and no wonder they couldn’t heal properly. He was anaphylactic allergic to all of those items. The well-known lip balm that was meant to heal his lips was eating away at them.

I decided the only way to make this work, was if I made my own lip balm so that we would know what was in it. I did some research on safe oils and waxes that might work and made my very first chocolate, honey, peppermint, lavender soothing lip balm.

We returned to the doctor three months later and the lip was 80% healed and he wanted to know what magic we used. He thought for sure we would not be able to heal the lip that far in only three months. I shared our recipe with him and others in our local community who were amazed and wanted to buy some.


A Skincare Line was Born

Then I started to look at all the other skincare products we were using and found that most of the ingredients were harmful for our children. Remember, this was before the label laws changed.

I started to add more lip balms, skin creams and soaps to my homemade list of products. Slowly, as friends and family started receiving these as presents, they began asking for special creations and then the serum line was born. We started with coffee serum and coffee scrubs, and then pumpkin scrubs and pumpkin lotions. The line grew to over 16 recipes with different variations.

Our newest concern was how many natural and organic skincare products contain my children’s allergens. We are still unable to use many items due to argan oil, sweet almond oil, eggs, wheat, milk, and sesame being included in the ingredients. Even art and regular school supplies become deadly if allergies are not taken into consideration.


The Next Leg of the Journey

I have been sharing our stories for years on many sites and providing allergy aware solutions and support as we have traveled through our journey. With thousands of food and skincare recipes, I decided to offer a small collection of allergy-aware recipes for baked treats and skincare items. Click here to get the Recipe Gift Basket and receive occasional updates and free gifts.

Take a look around here. We share a great deal of free content through www.theallergyninja.com. We also sell some carefully curated products and services.


Giving Back

A portion of all profits created and curated by The Allergy Ninja will be donated to support food allergy awareness. Your purchase may even double its impact! A portion of all profits for the carefully curated items, exclusively made for us, will have a second benefit of an additional donation to support women entrepreneurs and provide scholarships for under-served students

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