From Crawling to Standing to Walking in 60 Seconds

From Crawling to Standing to Walking in 60 Seconds
Oh no!!!!!!  I thought I had more time!  Okay so I am being a bit silly here but you will soon understand why.  About four months ago, my son started crawling forward.  He had up until then, been crawling backwards so we knew it was any day before he would figure out the forward motion.  What I hadn’t anticipated was that he would figure out how to stand up on his own so quickly.  Several days after he started crawling forward I heard a strange sound from his room.  I had momentarily left him in his crib and when I returned a few minutes later he was standing all on his own and playing with the slats of the blinds (the pull string was safely out of his reach in a baby safe clasp).  Of course my first reaction was oh no, I have to move the crib away from that space because even though the pull string is tucked away it is still not a safe item to be playing with.
Once I got over my panic, I realized how wonderful a site this was.  My son had actually pulled himself up to standing all on his own.  An amazing new talent.  Last month he started cruising around the furniture and walking with the assistance of those wonderful activity walker toys.  Last week he decided it was time to walk on his own and now we have a Toddler.
This of course has its own set of learning curves for both Baby and Mommy and Daddy.  We are now finding all of the places we forgot to baby proof the first time.  We are watching him now as he learns to go vertical and climb on the furniture.
These are truly wonderful moments that need to be cherished.  I challenge you to spend some time this week looking at all of the wonderful moments in your role as a parent and as a Mother.

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